Astronomical Resume

The story started at the age of 13 years or so -  I earned my first telescope, a Kosmos refractor with a cardboard tube and 50mm aperture cut down to 30mm. I did not see very much using this scope. Internet had not been invented that time, useful literature was rare and unfortunately I had no advice from an experienced amateur astronomer.


Nevertheless, my enthusiasm for astronomy did not suffer to much. One year later, I used the sudden liquidity resulting from my confirmation to buy the first "real" telescope, a 70mm Fraunhofer refractor on a German mount.

At that time my very first attempts in astronomical imaging started. The set up consisting  of an old sheet film camera fixed  to the scope by an  plywood mount of course was somewhat wiggly. One of the very rare first results can be seen  to the right.




With the beginning of my mechanical engineering study my astronomical equipment had to be converted to money and my hobby lapsed into a 20 year long deep sleep.

After getting a job moving to a new town in 1998 I got used to spend some time in the local library. There I noticed the magazine  "Sterne und Weltraum" (stars and space) and all at once the fascination for astronomy awoke again staying alive up to now!

Of course, there is also a live besides astronomy. If someone is interested in how I earn my money - follow this link.  Follow this link if you want to know always faces me a choice.